Former public defender Michael Mauceri admits that Ulster County Family Court has no constitutional jurisdiction!

In a phone call today with Michael Mauceri he admitted that the Family Court of Ulster County had no constitutional jurisdiction. So I’m going to show you all and Let you hear what he had to say.

Family Court Judge admits to no constitutional authority!

Under article 3 section 2 of the Constitution, under judicial powers, there is only three jurisdictions a court can operate under. Those three jurisdictions are Admiralty jurisdiction, Maritime jurisdiction, and criminal jurisdiction. Ulster County Family Court Judge Anthony McGinty admits that he says there is no application to admiralty law in the Family Court act.

Judicial Corruption In Ulster County!

I’ve been fighting this case since it’s beginning for almost two years. The Judge is not allowing evidence into the record that DSS fabricated the original petitions. Listed below is a link to the Motion as Filed on February 28, 2014 and accepted as a complaint at The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

I’m bringing this public because when you read the Law on confidentiality there is nothing that says I can’t bring it to the publics attention. Here is the link to the Law as written.

Motion as filed in court.

Why Did the Oscars ban this song?

The establishment is in an all out war against anything with a wholesome message. The song “Alone, yet not alone” was banned when it was nominated for best new Christian song. The video is posted below.

The establishment wanted instead to have images of evil in the music that was shown.

Joni Eareckson Tada is the one singing this song. Most people will not pay attention past the music itself to take notice of a few things. The song is a very beautiful song, but the beauty goes deeper.

Joni is a quadriplegic. She has to have the help of her husband to sing the songs. For her to hit the high notes he has to push on her diaphragm for the air to go across he vocal chords properly.

Do you see the beauty in this yet?

How a husband honors his wife by doing what he needs to do to take care of her. Even when things are not always the best.

Do you see the beauty of how a person that doesn’t meet the worlds criteria of beauty can have such a beautiful voice?

Do you see the beauty of the messages that are spoken and some that are not?

There is a war going on in this world that you are not even aware of. This war is not of guns, bomb, tanks, and jets. This war is for your mind, and your soul.
The more you except the media as it is given to you the more evil it will be. To the point of distraction of our country, our families, our children. What you support is what you will get. So we should decide what we want and stand our ground. If you don’t want the lies and the evil messages on TV then shut it off and don’t take part. God bless you all. I will support messages like that of this song.

Why is America eating her young?

Brian Robertson:

I was reading a post and it started of like this, “If it saves one child, it is worth it!” I can not even count the number of times I have heard that phrase. The whole problem here, though, is NO children are being saved at all, instead far more are being put in danger because of improperly judged and outdated risk-factor information.”
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There is a lot more to this than what is brought out in this article. Not taking anything away from what was said because what was stated in the article is absolutely right.
When I read the the title of the article all kinds of thoughts went thru my head about the subject.

1. The Abortion Debate

Just the other day was the 41st anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. This case set the legal reason for a complete industry hidden under the guise of a woman’s right. And, yes, it is an industry.

Let’s go back to before Roe v. Wade. In 1966 the MRC-5 cell line was discovered . The MRC-5 cell line is the lung tissue of a 14 week old male fetus. The WI-38 cell line comes from a 12 week old female fetus and , it was discovered in 1962.

How do you sell a “product” make it legal. Couldn’t be sold before Roe v Wade, because abortion was not legal. Since then these and other cell lines from aborted fetuses are used in things that most people do not realize.

A. Vaccines

These cell lines are used in a list of vaccines that are given to our children. To see a list of those vaccines here is a table.

Here some information on this subject.

B. Food Products

A company called Senomyx uses fetal cell lines in the development of flavors for different food companies like Pepsi. There are many companies that uses the flavorings from Senomyx.

America is literally putting other humans in there bodies. This is a form of cannibalism.

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             “If it saves one child, it is worth it!” I can not even count the number of times I have heard that phrase. The whole problem here, though, is NO children are being saved at all, instead far more are being put in danger because of improperly judged and outdated risk-factor information.

As a society we are failing our children and ourselves on so many levels. There has been so much intervention by the government into the lives of our families, that many parents actually fear setting boundaries for, or disciplining their children. By default many children now have their parents in the palm of their hands.

Playing outside is a memory from the past, as so many children are immersed in the virtual world, or are cautioned by their parents about the “widespread” danger of predators lurking behind every tree. Following in the same footprints, they are also…

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Research Reveals The Formation Of New Genes From Non-Coding DNA

Brian Robertson:

No such thing as junk DNA.

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Research Reveals The Formation Of New Genes From Non-Coding DNAUptil now, the geneticists have been unaware of the mechanism by which new genes appear in a species. A research at the University of California – Davis has proved that the new genes come from the non-coding regions of the DNA.

Few years ago, David Begun, who conducted this research had found that new genes can be formed by the previously non-coding part of the DNA which rejects the previously held belief that new functions appear when existing genes are duplicated and diverge in function. But the new hypothesis is confirmed when scientists observed the production of new genes from the heterochromatin (the non-coding DNA region) in many plants and animals.

“This is the first example of totally new genes spreading through a species”, says Li Zhao, a researcher at UC Davis.

The research was carried out by scientists who observed the RNA-transcripts of corresponding expressed genes in the testis of…

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Mark of the Beast for your feast? Microchipped food texts you when it spoils

Mark of the Beast for your feast? Microchipped food texts you when it spoils.


(NaturalNews) Technology continues to improve our lives, but as we’ve often reported here at Natural News, technology – the Technology Age, for lack of a better term – is also a double-edged sword.

Consider new technology that essentially allows your food to notify you when it is spoiled. No, we’re not making that up.

Some analysts wonder if it is akin to the mark of the beast for your dinner table.

As reported by Britain’s The Telegraph:

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Infowars » Secret ‘Minority Report’ Tech In All Post-2010 iPhones

iBeacon tracks individual locations, bombards user with ads
Paul Joseph Watson
January 20, 2014

Apple recently announced that they had been secretly installing Minority Report-style tracking technology in all iPhones since the iPhone 4, which was released in 2010.

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What Your State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete

What Your State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete.

Google Autocomplete is notorious for taking a standard search and anticipating something completely ridiculous.

In the style of Tumblr user Gaysquib, we conducted our own experiment and created a map of what each state wants (according to Autocomplete).

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