The Isis threat: Is Isis a greater threat or the policies and actions of government?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Biggs with on the World Integrity News Network about the ISIS threat. The question I pose is this. Is it more of a dangerous threat by the policies and actions of elements within our government? Don’t get me wrong ISIS is a threat. ISIS was never a threat 20 years ago so what has emboldened them to become such a threat today? That’s the question people needs to ask. The problem is you can’t get the mainstream media which controls most of the information to point the finger and say wait a minute why are you doing this? So we the people are the ones that have to ask these questions. If we don’t ask these questions nobody else will. The government just want us to fall in line and follow government orders while we lose our rights over a threat that is being built up by these policies.

Reach Out America: Raising The Bar

Connie Reguli Hosts
Each week Connie brings us stories from the battles of families fighting the corruption of the states where they live, Many are suffering from having had their children taken from their homes while the states collect government funding. Our way of life is in danger! Please tune in to learn more. 

Here’s our interview about our case involving a corrupt county in Ulster County New York. 

Assemblyman Cahill; Request for formal response about CPS corruption in your district!

Why is it that these legislatures ignore the corruption that goes on in CPS? Is it because they are not allowed to approach the subject? Or is it that its all for show? 

I might not have the answers for that, but I know that I’ve been in contact with many families in and around Ulster County. These families have the same problems we do. That they’re just trying to take care of their families, and the system is mooching off of them for their own personal gain. 
Not to mention all the federal funds that are involved in CPS and DSS and the family courts. 

FEMA’s Re-Education Camps Revealed: Jade Helm 15 Prepped 5 Yrs Ago! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Brian Robertson:

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(Guillotines, anyone?)

TRY as one might, one can’t separate the unfolding JADE HELM 15 nightmare from FEMA‘s plans. They are inextricably tied, and supportive evidence will attest to the same.

BUT before we proceed, it must be recognized that some folks reflexively deal with frightening scenarios akin to kindergartners, as they close their ears and wag their fingers at the bearers of bad news. No matter, facts are stubborn.

IN this regard, let’s first explore the coined terminology “re-education camps.” Then, we will intertwine its basis to Bill Ayers who is a “koshered” domestic terrorist.  Yes, the same radical who was the head of the 1960’s/1970’s Weathermen, a group which bombed and shot up those who stood in their way to transform “Amerika!” Not only that, he openly opined that millions will have to die, while others will require “re-education” ( to bring them to…

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Stand up for your rights to be a family against DSS/CPS and Family Court and get threatened with Being put in Jail!

On January 5th, 2015 I filed a federal suit in the Northern District of New York in Albany. The Judge is a defendant in the case and so is the attorneys in the family court case for violating our family’s rights and allowing criminal activity in Ulster County to go on in the court. 
They have responded by threatening my wife and I with arrest and up to 6 months in Jail. Here is the letters that was received today from the defendants. 

Patriot Nation Radio with A Twisted Tale Live! 

A brief interview about CPS corruption!

On this episode of Patriot Nation Radio we will be Talking with a couple who have been buried by All kinds of Illegal CPS ,And courthouse coruption.Tune in Tonite 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific

Obama diverted funds away from pandemic defense program ‘BioShield’

(NaturalNews) In recent weeks, Democrats have tried to deflect electorate anger against their party and the Obama Administration over its mishandling of the Ebola outbreak in the U.S. by claiming that opposition Republicans “cut funding” for Ebola-related research.Much of the…

U.S. government tried to cover up pandemic that killed 50 million

(NaturalNews) Have you noticed that, in the past few weeks, the mainstream media has stopped reporting on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States? That’s because they’ve been asked not to do so — at least until those suspected of having the virus test positive for it with a…